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Outbound travel from China surges by nearly 400%

06/12/2024| 11:21:01 AM|

During the nine years up to 2023, disposable income per capita roughly doubled in China, potentially meaning more money to spend on travel.

According to Sabre’s booking insights, Chinese tourists are back with a vengeance on the global tourism stage, with a 392% surge in outbound travel booked from mainland China for 2024, compared to the previous year.

Outbound travel to all global regions has markedly increased across the year, according to Sabre’s analysis, which looks at travel booked as of March 31, 2024. Notably, Chinese travtourists elers are booking in advance for the whole year, showing strong confidence in the travel landscape. Bookings for November and December are significantly up across regions, recording more than 1000% year-on-year for all regions, and notably, more than 2000% for those months for travel to Europe and the Middle East.

The fastest-growing routes globally for Chinese tourists in 2024 include Macao, Australia, Japan, Russia, and Bangladesh. Outbound airline capacity is up by more than 3000% on some routes as airlines look to meet demand.

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