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Millennials pushing hard to shift status quo in business travel

12/03/2015| 5:06:19 PM| 中文

Millennials are more willing to use mobile APPs and social network to to meet with colleagues or business contacts

It isn’t THAT long ago that the stalwarts of the corporate travel community would shrug at the suggestion that the sharing the economy would alter the business.

Or that travel managers might find themselves competing against technology provided by hotels or airlines, rather than being at the end of a telephone call.

But then the so-called millennials came along and started doing it anyway and, by remarkable coincidence, business travel brands and the sector’s representative organisations are falling over themselves to ensure they do not appear to be behind the so-called trend-lines.

The Global Business Travel Association and American Express recently surveyed a group of UK-based corporates to see how much (or little) consumer habits are impacting on the behaviour of travellers.

The key points raised in the study are as follows:

And, finally, what about some of the priorities these hard working business travellers have these days?

Gone are the days of being wined and dined and TLC, with the highest ranked item being access to wifi ahead free food and drinks, and upgrades on planes and in hotels.


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