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About 39% of US guests prefer hotels with mobile tech, says YouGov poll

06/19/2015| 8:11:15 AM| 中文

Iris Software Systems commissioned a YouGov survey that found that 9 in 10 Americans are now interested in mobile technology from hotels that enhances their stays.

About 39% of Americans surveyed said it was likely they would choose a hotel with mobile check-in over one that doesn’t have it.

Surprisingly, among those surveyed, 47% said they would accept higher rates if those hotels included reliable tech.

Hard to know if that’s just talk.

Plus, in another note of skepticism, these are results you would expect to see from a survey commissioned by a seller of mobile tech to hotels like Iris Software Systems.

That said, YouGov is a UK-based polling organization that’s widely respected.

Half of those surveyed said hotel check-in queues were too long, 21% had problems with key cards, and 12% said it took too long to order room service.

Similarly, 45% of those surveyed said they would leave more positive TripAdvisor reviews if mobile check-in was possible.

The survey results are striking, considering how many hoteliers still seem so reluctant to embrace digital solutions — partly because of justifiable concerns about expense, trouble choosing among VHS-versus-Betamax-type competiting standards, and a worry about staying on top of ever-shifting trends, standards, and consumer expectations.

Iris Software Systems claims that mobile technology that saves guests time will build customer loyalty and prompt customers to book through hotel-owned apps rather than via commission hungry OTAs — ultimately giving a bottom-line payoff to hotels.

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