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3 Ways Travel Needs to Personalize Now

04/25/2013| 11:27:48 AM| 中文

Travel websites are missing opportunities to personalize the trip researching and booking process.

This weekend, my fiancée and I started researching honeymoon trips. And it’s an exciting time for a few reasons: We’re obviously thrilled to get married, and we can’t wait to spend some quality time together on our honeymoon.

But I won’t lie. While we were researching honeymoon destinations, I got ticked off. We were looking for cruises in Alaska, but none of the websites we visited were responding to our search terms effectively. Every page we landed on to book a cruise was static, showing images of other destinations that weren’t relevant to us.

Why weren’t these websites showing us pictures of Glacier Bay? Why weren’t these websites selling me on excursions or appealing to the fact that we are a young couple looking for a honeymoon adventure? All of our interests were probably being detected by data somewhere, but all of that data was being ignored. And it showed in our experience.

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