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Uncover insights from China's new travelers

05/29/2024| 5:10:25 PM| ChinaTravelNews

A new era has arrived, and new travelers have set out on their journeys.

Half a year has passed, and we can clearly sense the undercurrents in the global travel market. Young people have become an unstoppable force in travel consumption, the travel demand of the "silver" generation is soaring, and business travel needs are constantly evolving.

What are the latest trends in the Chinese travel market? Join us this September in Shanghai to find out!

The 2024 TravelDaily Conference & Digital Travel Show will be held at the Shanghai International Convention Center on September 25-26 this year. Since 2008, the annual gathering of China's travel and tourism industry has been successfully held for 16 consecutive years.

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2024 Trends in Chinese Travel Consumption

In 2024, TravelDaily China, in collaboration with market research firm Data100, will conduct continuous quarterly tracking surveys on the mainstream consumer groups in China's first-tier and new first-tier cities. We will also focus on the rise of niche markets such as lower-tier markets and the silver economy to uncover new trends in Chinese travel consumption.

Insights into the Chinese Business Travel Market

Meanwhile, TravelDaily China, in conjunction with the China Business Travel Association (CBTA), will release the "2024 China Business Travel Market Insight Report." This report will analyze changes in corporate travel standards (long-distance travel, accommodation, and local transportation), core concerns of enterprises regarding business travel, challenges in business travel procurement management, and key factors in supplier selection from Q2 to Q3 in 2024 to uncover the latest trends in the business travel sector.

The 2024 TravelDaily Conference will invite senior leaders of major companies, consumer behavior research experts, and other industry veterans to share and interpret the latest consumption trends of the new generation of travelers!

Key Topics:

•  Past, Present, and Future: Insights into Global Business Travel Demand

•  Launch of The 2024 China Business Travel Market Insight Report

•  Insights into Travel Consumer Behavior

•  The New Era of Budget Travel

•  How Can Hotel Chains Seize Opportunities in Lower-Tier Markets?

•  Decoding The Next Generation of Travelers

•  Connecting with Young Users: What Did They Do Right?

•  Diversified Needs of Business Travelers: How Can Hotels and Airlines Upgrade Their Loyalty Programs?

•  (More exciting topics are being updated)

Who Should Attend?

•  Aspiring entrants to the China travel market.

•  Enthusiasts of post-pandemic traveler behaviors and preferences.

•  Visionaries interested in AI's disruption to travel and hospitality.

Event Schedule:

•  Sept. 25: Center Stage - The TravelDaily Conference

•  Sept. 26:

○  Breakout Session 1: China Hotel Marketing Conference

○  Breakout Session 2: China Business Travel Conference

•  Sept. 25-26: The Digital Travel Show

Special Offer: Secure your spot now at the year's lowest price – only $1,380.

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