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Alipay launches ‘International Consumer Friendly Zones’ in China

04/09/2024| 11:54:16 AM|

The move to digitized ways of paying were intensified by the pandemic.

Alipay has launched a series of “International Consumer Friendly Zones” in China. The company’s owner Ant Group announced Monday (April 8) it is working with local merchants, tourism sites and commercial districts to enhance international visitors’ experience and drive business for local merchants in the country’s main tourist destination cities.

According to the release, the program will place an emphasis on refining these services at destinations most frequented by travelers, such as key transportation hubs, tourist attractions, hotels and shopping districts.

Last month, Mastercard announced a new connection with Alipay, which allows bank, FinTech and corporate clients to give customers a connection to an e-wallet with more than 1 billion users.Soon after that partnership was announced, Alan Marquard, head of transfer solutions at Mastercard, told that remittances are continued transformation to digital channels, and to digital wallets.

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