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Langham Hotel Group accelerates expansion with DerbySoft Property Connector

05/18/2023| 3:00:15 PM| ChinaTravelNews 中文

Being adaptable and highly efficient is more critical than ever.

DerbySoft, the leader in high-performance distribution services, announces a new partnership with Langham Hospitality Group, a collection of luxury properties set on four continents. This new partnership brings DerbySoft Connectivity Technology straight into the Property Management Systems of 29 properties globally.

As travel markets regain momentum, the iconic British hospitality brand continues seeking global expansion and catering to the leisure and business segments. DerbySoft Property Connector’s core function of Multi-Property Management, enables Langham properties to load, manage and distribute property rates from one central Property Management System (PMS), helping Langham quickly expand and book in a more efficient manner in the current climate.

“Being adaptable and highly efficient is more critical than ever, and with Property Connector, connecting to a diversified distribution and managing the rate plans with a group standard in dozens of properties have become much easier,” said Shane Pateman, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Langham Hospitality Group, who spearheaded the adoption of DerbySoft Property Connector to support business expansion and digital strategy.

“We are happy that manual room mapping from the hotel is no longer required when using the Property Connector. It helps us improve efficiencies on a larger scale and reduces human errors. In addition, the reporting features can be customized by brand, region, or cluster, which enables our management teams to have deeper insights into the revenue at a more granular level with just a few clicks,” he added.

The Property Connector offers hotels and properties of all sizes an integration with direct distribution channels via a single management product through the PMS. The Property Connector is a one-stop channel connection that gives properties the power to diversify their distribution sales and help hotel managers optimize customer reach and revenue. The Multi-Property Management module enables hotel groups to easily and efficiently implement distribution standards across all of their properties.

Besides the diversified channels and efficiencies that work across multiple channels, accountable support and solid expertise were also motivations for the Langham Hospitality Group to choose DerbySoft, especially considering that both inbound and outbound travel plans continue to gain speed in the Asian market.

“DerbySoft is excited to aid in the success of the Langham Hospitality Group,” said Loretta Chan, Vice President, Hotel Solutions at DerbySoft. “The Property Connector will continue to be the industry’s reliable and intelligent partner while shaping the future of the travel business.”

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