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The 10 most downloaded Travel apps of 2021

01/09/2022| 3:47:20 PM| 中文

Both DiDi and Bolt had international expansions this year.

How did people get anywhere before Google Maps? The GPS app leads all travel apps for most new installs in the year 2021. Below you can see the 10 most downloaded travel mobile apps and OTA (online travel agency) apps across the world and in the US.

You can find our full list of 2021 worldwide download leaders here, and compare them with 2020's most downloaded apps. If you need to fully understand what a download is and what is does/does not measure, we have that for you as well.

Rideshare apps account for half of all top downloaded travel apps this year, up from three last year, with the additions of DiDi and Bolt. Both ride hailing apps had international expansions this year. In the US, two airline apps round out the bottom of the ranking, just like last year. The difference this year is that Delta has landed in Southwest's spot. Where is my Train (owned by Alphabet) made our global ranking despite only operating in India as a train timetable and status checking app. 

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