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How technology is connecting all generations to travel

07/09/2021| 12:44:06 PM| 中文

Travel industry has a responsibility to educate and leverage solutions that will unite and rebuild a safe and seamless travel experience for all age groups.

Given the increase in travel demand, it’s clear that people of all ages are over being home and ready to travel again. However, marking a distinct pent-up demand for travel, millennials (ages 25-40) are leading the rebound. Even before international borders began to open to US citizens, they were already willing to adopt the newest tech to minimize any roadblocks to travel. And as vaccines become more widespread and available, they are getting vaccinated and willing to use digital health passports - widely perceived as a necessary tool for travel to pick up speed again.

On the other end of the generation spectrum, just over half of Baby Boomers - people aged between 56-74 also plan to travel in 2021, according to AARP's annual travel trend survey. But while they are treading carefully, they are arming themselves with knowledge - actively selecting destinations, booking accommodations, and scrutinizing COVID-19 safety protocols.

Today, people are considering new factors and priorities on whether to travel or not. As a result, technology has and will continue to play a fundamental role to ensure travelers have what they need to feel confident to travel again and explore new destinations. Now more than ever, the industry can leverage technology to meet the needs of every type of traveler.

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