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Amadeus: Blockchain is completely overhyped

05/29/2018| 3:30:12 PM| 中文

The major challenges that travel firms face is to innovate on top of legacy technology systems and be respectful of regulations.

In order to shape the future of travel, brands in the space - from startups to long-established players - need to take a step back and start by focusing on the travel experience, says Rashesh Jethi, SVP of engineering for Americas and head of innovation for Airlines at Amadeus IT Group.

“By innovating and providing a better experience, you automatically add value, and as anyone in business will tell you, you’re always looking to create value.”

One major challenge those in the travel sector face is innovating on top of legacy technology systems. “The industry does have a problem if you don’t go the hard, somewhat expensive route of freeing yourself from legacy technology,” Jethi says.

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