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How travel brands build better mobile experiences

03/27/2018| 10:04:24 AM| 中文

Mobile is poised to account for 79% of all Internet use this year; travel marketing needs to integrate the users data from CRM systems and apps.

Mobile is a requirement, not just a trend: Customers expect seamless mobile experiences when they travel, from the planning through the travel itself and afterwards. Data and analytics are powerful tools to personalize that experience.

Brands must take an omni-channel approach to customer experience: Customers are using multiple devices and touch points throughout their journey, which means that travel companies must offer a cohesive experience across platforms.

Audience profiles are becoming the new architecture to leverage data such as CRM, geolocation and other contextual inputs to make mobile more meaningful and intimate.

Emerging technologies will reshape mobile opportunities: The release of 5G, advancements in AI, and improved voice search are among the tech disruptions that will create new ways for companies to engage customers and make travel easier, richer and more convenient.

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