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Hertz gives itself a technology upgrade

08/29/2014| 1:50:58 PM| 中文

Hertz Rent-a-Car, the largest airport general use car rental brand globally, continues to test and adapt technology that would allow it greater flexibility in how it rents its vehicles and sells ancillary services during a trip.

David Trimm, chief information officer for the chain, says that the company is investigating technology that would add virtual touch-screen keypads to windshields, enabling guests to tap a code to enter a car.

The capacitive keypad on the windshield would measure the reflection of visible light on the fingers of the user. It is being developed by French car-sharing tech firm Eileo.

Hertz is considering technologies like that one to help achieve its goal of enabling all of its vehicles to shift between by-the-day bookings and by-the-hour bookings. Currently vehicles are set to only one or the other type of rental.

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