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Tech hotel: Ushuaïa’s latest technology partner is…

09/29/2013| 10:25:10 AM| 中文

In an unexpected move, Microsoft is the latest company to partner with the tech-forward hotel brand Ushuaïa Beach in Ibiza, Spain.

The hotel has pioneered many prior initiatives, such as integrating RFID wristbands with social media and using fingerprints to pay, and has placed itself at the forefront of alternative thinking when it comes to using technology in hotels. Granted, this is a party hotel on a party island, which makes these sorts of integrations much more feasible given the younger, more connected demographic.

Microsoft has not had a runaway success with many of their next-gen technologies, such as the Surface. However, the Kinect was one of the most successful product launches in history, selling 24 million units since launch. The company is clearly seeking new ways to place technology in an integrated fashion, where they can work together in concert. Such integrations are proof-of-concepts for a full Microsoft ecosystem.

Earlier this season, Kinect was installed in all 85 suites at the Ushuaïa Tower, as well as around the hotel lobby and reception. The Kinect has the infra-red detection system, which is linked to the Microsoft Xbox console. This not only provides streaming multimedia content, but also allows for a truly innovative way to socialize a hotel: room-to-room video chats.

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