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The real-time market: fun, efficient and the future?

01/04/2013| 10:32:17 AM| 中文

Structured in the right way, the same-day discounts introduced through the mobile channel help the hotel industry keep its general pricing power, not hurt it.

NB: This is a guest article by Stefan Menden, founder and CEO of last-minute hotel booking app JustBook.

If you are among the 51% of UK adults that have smartphones, it is likely that your home screen is littered with apps – apps you love, apps you never use, functional apps, apps that banish boredom, apps that save you money. The saying goes that there is an app for everything.

There is no denying that the impact of mobile apps on the travel sector has been massive. Mobile phones are enabling the real-time distribution of goods and services to both business and leisure travellers, filling rooms in hotels, seats on flights or tables in restaurants that might otherwise remain empty.

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