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Alipay reports 77% rise in outbound travel transactions

05/06/2024| 1:16:31 PM|

Thailand emerged as the top destination in Asia in terms of Alipay spending.

Outbound travel transactions via Alipay saw a 77% increase year-on-year, with total spending up by 10%. The top destinations are Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Macao SAR, Korea, the United States, and Thailand.

Over the Labor Day holiday, international travelers spent 700% more year-on-year using their international card-enabled Alipay accounts at merchants across the Chinese mainland. The number of visitors using Alipay for payment from the 15 countries 1 benefiting from China's visa-free policy updates since mid-2023 increased by over 4 times compared to last year.

In addition to using Alipay, overseas consumers can also pay with their home e-wallets across China, enabled by Alipay+.

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