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Visitors flock to Shanghai landmarks featured in TV drama; HK must look to Harbin for lessons on tourism | Daily Brief

01/08/2024| 5:15:17 PM| ChinaTravelNews

Malaysia, Singapore gaming sectors rise on Chinese tourism; Hongkongers ‘tripping north’ becomes new trend.

Malaysia, Singapore gaming sectors rise on Chinese tourism

The gaming industries in Malaysia and Singapore are witnessing a notable upswing as an increase in Chinese tourists boosts revenues. The relaxation of visa requirements and enhanced air connectivity have played a crucial role in attracting more visitors from China to both countries. Genting Singapore reported substantial growth in its mid-year financials, with a significant rise in both revenue and profit.

Hongkongers ‘tripping north’ becomes new trend

A growing trend of Hong Kong residents "tripping north" to Shenzhen has been gaining more attention. It is reflected not only from leisure activities to everyday purchases, but also from education and job seeking to medical services. Hong Kong residents made 53.34 million trips "heading north" throughout the year, with over 40 million departing through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong port.

Cathay Pacific’s flight cancellations hint at bigger problem, says pilot union chief

Hong Kong’s flagship airline, Cathay Pacific, has cancelled more than 80 flights since Christmas Eve, sparking concerns among customers on the possibility of further disruptions. Mr Paul Weatherilt, a Cathay pilot and chairman of its pilots’ union, the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association, pointed to a deeper-seated issue of a dire pilot shortage that could be traced back to the organisation’s staffing strategy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To attract tourists again, Hong Kong must look to Harbin, China’s ice capital, for lessons

The importance of attracting foreign visitors to Hong Kong and encouraging locals to increasingly engage in the city’s nightlife – ultimately making the city more appealing to tourists – cannot be overlooked, according to SCMP editor Luisa Tam in one of her opinion pieces. Ms. Tam said Hong Kong needs new ideas to boost tourism again after underwhelming campaigns like ‘Hello Hong Kong’ and ‘Night Vibes Hong Kong’.

Visitors flock to Shanghai landmarks featured in TV drama

A popular TV drama, produced in both Mandarin and Shanghai dialects, has triggered a craze with tourists flocking to sites featured in the series, online travel operators revealed on Saturday. Since January 5 when "Blossoms," the 30-episode TV drama directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, hit screens, the orders for private tour groups in Shanghai had surged 75 percent as of Friday, according to Shanghai-based online travel operator Trip.com.

The rebranding of Xinjiang

Xinjiang Province, on China's Western frontier – origin of the Silk Road, the ancient gateway for trade to the Middle East – was off-limits during the pandemic. But it is open again, and these days it's being marketed by the state both for its beauty and its business opportunities. CBS News recently joined a tour arranged by the Chinese Information Office, which hired the buses, set the itinerary, and provided the translators and staff to accompany the media every step of the way. 

China-Vietnam border port handles highest number of passengers among Chinese ports in 2023

Dongxing Port, the China-Vietnam border port in Dongxing City in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, handled more than 5.54 million inbound and outbound passengers in 2023, ranking first among China's border ports.Dongxing is China's only port city connected both by land and sea with ASEAN, whose unique location has boosted cross-border tourism.

New Hainan Free Trade Port's innovation cases unveiled

A new batch of six Hainan Free Trade Port institutional integration innovation cases were unveiled at a press conference held on Saturday morning. The new model of integrated management service of the yacht industry is a typical case among them. The case focuses on the chain, digitization and intensive development of the yacht industry of Sanya, which is the first city in the country to carry out local legislation on water tourism.

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