eStara helps Spanair reduce website abandonment
02/16/2007|3:52:00 PM|Eyefortravel
European airline Spanair is using eStara’s Click to Call on its website as part of its initiative to identify key points of abandonment during booking process and reduce customer attrition. (2/14/2007)

According a release from eStara, a provider of proactive conversion solutions for enhancing online sales and support initiatives, the programme, which delivers more than 5,000 calls per month, has delivered an 80 percent sales conversion rate for the airline.

In Spanair’s case, the airline found that users overlooked error messages generated when required fields were not completed during the reservation process. Oftentimes, these users would not understand why they could not proceed, so they would abandon the site completely. Spanair needed a way to rescue these customers, so it turned to Click to Call.

Click to Call allowed customers to connect with a Spanair agent directly from its website, plus eStara’s real-time reporting helped Spanair identify sections of its site that would lead to abandonment.

“Nothing frustrates customer more than having to ‘start all over again’ with a customer service representative when they transition from the web to the phone,” said eStara chief executive officer John Federman.

“With Click to Call, Spanair saw an opportunity to identify points on its site where customers were having issues and offer assistance when customers needed it most to avoid customer frustration and convert sales. Subsequently, the company was able to use eStara’s reporting tools to improve the usability of its site and minimize the kinds of errors that prevented customers from completing the transaction online,” said Federman.