Citymaps raises $6 million to fuel its Yelp/Google Maps mashup
02/28/2015|10:13:04 AM|Tnooz

Citymaps is a mashup of Yelp and Google/Apple Maps, spinning mobile mapping in a new direction. This direction includes large logos, which the company calls its “logo maps.” The idea is to shift the way that maps are navigated via mobile by offering engaging pictorials and not just business names.

The other core concept is the ability to create, save and share  lists of preferred points-of-interest. For example, a list of vegan restaurants in a new city or a punch list for activities for a future trip. This is a “personal map of places” that offers complete customization, as well as ingrained functionality for friends to share their own maps.

Citymaps is the first fully fleshed out attempt to rethink maps in the age of social sharing, insofar as using maps as a piece of dynamic content that can reflect personal taste and project a personality.

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