Travel industry shows rest of pack how to leverage mobile data
01/13/2015|4:52:31 PM|Mobilemarketer

The travel industry is setting itself apart from the pack in its ability to leverage mobile data to drive customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction, according to a report from Forbes Insights and Turn.

Sixty-seven percent of travel executives say they have achieved competitive advantage in customer engagement and loyalty through data-driven marketing, with a big contribution from mobile, according to the report, “Data Driven and Digitally Savvy: The Rise of the New Marketing Organization.” The results also show how integrating mobile data with other digital initiatives can increase customer loyalty, customer engagement and market growth.

 “This report clearly shows that data is the lifeblood of today’s new marketing organization, and a fully integrated approach among digital initiatives – big data, cloud, social and mobile – is critical for success,” said Paul Alfieri, senior vice president of marketing for Turn. “Mobile should not be seen as a standalone channel or initiative.” 

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