SAP’s Concur says it continued to invest in travel tech startups
12/10/2014|1:58:43 PM|skift

In fact, Tim MacDonald, Concur’s executive vice president of platform and data services, told Skift a day after the acquisition closed that Concur completed some “add-on financing” in several of its Perfect Trip Fund investments in the last couple of weeks.

Over the past couple of years, Concur has invested in about a dozen travel-tech companies, including Cleartrip, Curb, EVA, Nor1, Room77, StaynTouch, Table 8, Trover, Visage, Yapta and Buuteeq, in an effort to support companies that it believes are making the goal of a perfect trip ever more achievable.

MacDonald declined to publicize which companies Concur replenished with additional funding this month.

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