No1 Chauffeur invests in customer experience campaign
11/27/2014|12:25:13 PM|TravelDaily China

Kuaididache subsidiary “No1 Chauffeur Service” will invest RMB6 million in its recently launched year-long customer experience campaign called “Thousand Members Club”.

Kuadidache will offer a free trial of its No1 Chauffeur Service to 1,000 selected users every month during the “Thousand Members Club” user experience campaign, that runs from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2015. The users will each get a chauffeur service card worth RMB500 to experience a minimum of three chauffeured trips, and they can give feedback about the whole experience afterwards.

Why adopt a user experience campaign instead of the industry norms of handing out cash bonuses to users or advertising? No1 Chauffeur Service CEO Zumin Li explained: “Our target customers are middle- to high-end income with highly specific demands and often rely on word–of-mouth instead of advertisements for information.”

 “No1 Chauffer Service is also issuing vouchers to attract customers, albeit in moderation so as not to become over reliant on them to expand market share,” he added.

Kuaididache and Didi taxi have both ventured into business car rental services to aim for an increased share of alternative markets, after firmly establishing themselves as leaders in the taxi app sector.

No1 Chauffeur Service, launched in July 2014, targets middle- to upper-class clients who spend an average of RMB108 per transaction, five times the average spend per transaction of taxi users. Its service currently covers 56 cities while rival Didi Taxi’s chauffeur service is available in only nine cities.

Kuaidadiche says it is isn’t ruling out the possibility of venturing into car-sharing in future but it would like to focus on the taxi and chauffeur markets at the moment. Previously, Didi Taxi had mentioned that it is investigating car-sharing services.(Translation by David)