Festival holidays to see surge in traveler numbers
06/14/2023|2:22:09 PM|China Daily

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, which falls on June 22, is expected to continue the momentum of the May Day holiday and become the hottest such event for the domestic tourism market in five years, industry players have forecast.

Booking volumes for transportation and hotels for the three-day Dragon Boat holiday had boomed as of the first week of June.

Domestic destinations that are within two hours by high-speed train have been the most sought-after, according to Beijing-based online travel agency Qunar.

Travelers aged between 18 and 35 accounted for the largest proportion of those who plan to travel. Besides top-tier cities and some tourist spots, youngsters have been looking for cities famed for their delicacies that don't cost much, like Zibo in Shandong province, Qunar has found.

"Prices of domestic flight tickets for the Dragon Boat holiday are about 20% lower than those during the May Day holiday. Some even carry price tags that are lower than high-speed trains. The drop in fuel surcharges has also helped to lower the cost of traveling," said Xiao Peng, a researcher at the big data research institute of Qunar.

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