Cathay Pacific has lost more than half of senior pilots since 2019
05/17/2023|1:46:32 PM|Simple Flying

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific has lost over half its senior pilots since 2019. According to the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association, the union representing Cathay pilots published a release titled Exodus of Pilot Talent, and the numbers have increased since then. About 1,800 pilots left the airline during the pandemic, up from 1,500 last October.

It goes without saying that airlines worldwide faced one of, if not the greatest, challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cathay Pacific was no stranger to challenges, facing some of the tightest and longest COVID-19 travel restrictions of any territory on the planet. During that period, many of its pilots left and continue to leave today.

The current attrition rate at Cathay Pacific has stabilized. The airline told Simple Flying,

“The attrition rate has normalized across all staff groups, including the pilots. We are also pleased to welcome back some 250 Cathay pilots, including captains and first officers, to rejoin the airline. We are on track with our comprehensive plan to recruit top talent to support our operations and drive our rebuilding efforts.”

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