No test, health code needed for traveling
12/20/2022|4:14:55 PM|China Daily

China's transportation authorities have directed all domestic transportation service providers to resume regular operations in response to the optimized COVID-19 containment measures and boost the flow of goods and passengers, while also facilitating the resumption of work and production.

People traveling to other regions by road no longer need to show a negative nucleic acid test result or the health code, and they are not required to be tested upon arrival or to register their health information, according to a notice released by the Ministry of Transport.

The ministry categorically asked all areas that suspended transportation services due to the epidemic control measures to promptly restore regular operations.

Support will be extended to transportation operators to encourage them to provide various services, including customized transport options and e-tickets, the notice said.

China State Railway Group, the national railway operator, confirmed that the 48-hour nucleic acid test rule, which was mandatory for train passengers until recently, had been lifted along with the need to show the health code.

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