Shanghai railway and airline services recovering rapidly
12/15/2022|1:31:33 PM|Shine

Shanghai's railway and airline services are recovering quickly as the city has relaxed its COVID-19 control measures.

From December 8 to 12, more than 638,000 passengers left Shanghai by train. The city has seen more than 100,000 outbound passengers daily for five consecutive days, a 63.7% increase month on month, according to the China Railway Shanghai Group.

To meet the increasing travel needs of local residents, Shanghai has resumed 55 train services, including trains running to northwestern and central regions in China, Hangzhou in neighboring Zhejiang Province, and southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Additionally, the domestic aviation sector has also seen increased travel.

On Monday, Shanghai-based China Eastern Airlines recorded 1,421 international and domestic flights. Among which, there were 1,379 domestic flights, an increase of more than 150%, compared with 543 domestic flights on December 1.

In total, China Eastern carried 140,000 passengers on Monday, it reported.

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