More overseas visitors allowed to enter Macau from Sept 1
09/01/2022|1:33:20 PM|GGR Asia

The Macau government announced on Tuesday that nationals from a total of 41 countries will be allowed to enter Macau, starting from September 1. All travelers will still have to undergo seven days of hotel quarantine, said the local authorities.

Nationals from Portugal were already allowed to enter the city as visitors subject to a quarantine period, and the expanded list now covers countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and the United States. 

People arriving from overseas would still need to do a seven-day quarantine at a dedicated venue before being allowed into the community. They must on arrival test ‘negative’ for Covid-19 to qualify for quarantine, otherwise they would go into isolation in a medical facility.

Also on Tuesday, the Macau government said it would ease, from September 1, entry requirements for travelers from China’s mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It said that residents of those places would – even if they have visited foreign countries or regions anywhere in the world immediately prior to their intended entry to Macau – still be allowed to come.

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