Changing gears for seniors as car-hailing service made easy
08/24/2022|2:40:35 PM|Shine

A senior-friendly car-hailing service with easier access is expected to be available in around 2,000 neighborhoods in Shanghai by the end of this year.

Physical billboards with QR codes will be set up at designated spots such as the entrances of neighborhoods and would connect with the city's taxi service providers.

By scanning the QR code placed at residential compounds, elderly riders can save the trouble of locating the starting point of their trip, which also means less hassle to find a cruising taxi.

An elderly-friendly service page on Alibaba's digital map service system Amap has been streamlined to contain only necessary icons with easy steps to hail a taxi.

Elderly riders can pay cash to taxi drivers if they don't use digital payments.

About two dozens of offline car-hailing service points have been put into trial operation since July in downtown districts like Yangpu and Huangpu, as well as several community elderly-care centers in Shanghai.

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