Beijing to gradually resume direct international commercial passenger flights
07/07/2022|2:08:07 PM|Global Times

Beijing will make significant adjustments on anti-epidemic measures including the gradual resumption of direct international commercial passenger flights, the health authorities of the Chinese capital announced on Wednesday.

According to Li Ang, spokesperson of the Beijing health commission, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council recently released the ninth version of the COVID-19 prevention and control protocols, which serves an important measure to summarize experiences in epidemic prevention and control, consolidate the hard-won achievements and carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific, precise and efficient manner.

Beijing will adjust the prevention and control measures considering the characteristics of the Omicron variant and the experience gained to avoid additional and excessive prevention and control, Li said at a press briefing on Wednesday.

According to the adjustment, direct international commercial passenger flights arriving in Beijing will gradually resume in an orderly manner.

After the new adjustment was announced, data from China's travel booking website show that travel searches for Beijing increased by 130% overnight as of Wednesday evening. Searches for flights arriving and departing from Beijing rose by 172% and searches for flights from Beijing to Shanghai increased by 92% compared to the previous day, ranking in the top across the country according to a statement from the travel website.

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