finds 70% of Taiwanese confident about foreign travel within a year
06/23/2022|2:30:45 PM|Taiwan News

About 70% of Taiwanese are hopeful they can travel overseas within the next year, though worries about the COVID-19 pandemic still persist, according to a survey by

The company’s APAC Travel Confidence Index poll conducted in April and May consulted 11,000 travelers in 11 Asia Pacific markets, UDN reported.

While the research found most people in Taiwan and in the region optimistic about the return of international travel, Taiwanese were still worried about a resurgence of the pandemic, with the possibility of countries suddenly imposing new travel restrictions and quarantine requirements without notice.

While 30% of Taiwanese respondents said they felt unease over the reopening of borders, 43% maintained a neutral stance on the issue. A total of 37% questioned whether Taiwan was ready to welcome large amounts of foreign tourists, but 29% were confident there would be no problems.

If their trip was interrupted or aborted because of a COVID-19 emergency, 68% of Taiwanese travelers were willing to accept the change, with only 9% saying the opposite.

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