China relaxes some COVID test rules for U.S., other travelers
05/19/2022|2:36:49 PM|Reuters

China has removed some COVID-19 test requirements for people flying in from countries such as the United States and shortened the pre-departure quarantine for some inbound travelers, as it fine-tunes measures to cope with the Omicron variant.

From Friday, travelers from the United States will no longer need an RT-PCR test seven days before flying, according to notices from the Chinese embassy and consulates in the United States. Requirements for antibody tests have also been scrapped.

Those travelers will still need to do two RT-PCR tests within 48 or 24 hours of their flights - depending on which airport they are flying out of - plus another pre-flight antigen test, the notices said.

But travelers who have recovered from a previous infection will still need to go through six weeks of isolation before embarking on further procedures, the notices said.

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