China’s aviation sector eyes profitability, 85% domestic traffic recovery in 2022
01/12/2022|2:40:13 PM|FlightGlobal

China’s aviation sector is hoping to turn the corner and return to profitability in 2022, after being in the red for nearly two years amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a work plan meeting for 2022, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) also expects the aviation sector to recover domestic traffic to around 85% pre-pandemic levels.

In its outlook for 2022, the CAAC says it “will strive” to reverse losses and return to profitability, “in the absence of repeated fluctuations in Covid-19”.

The CAAC in its five-year development plan released early January outlined its target of restoring international traffic from 2023, as well as expanding the domestic air travel sector.

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