Group adds Hopper’s price freeze in North America and Europe
12/15/2021|10:13:34 AM|Phocuswire Group is the first online travel agency to partner with Hopper for use of its Hopper Cloud fintech products for bookings in North America and Europe.

Beginning in early 2022, Hopper’s “Price Freeze” feature will be enabled for users in North America and Europe booking flights on in-app, on mobile browser and on desktop.

“Travel is rebounding and as international borders continue to open, we’ll see prices increase to match demand,” says Yudong Tan, CEO of the flight business group at Group. users will be able to pay a fee to freeze the flight price for up to 14 days before booking the trip. If the price goes up, Hopper covers the difference up to a set amount, and if the price goes down, the traveler pays the new lower price.

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