Ritz-Carlton China releases six trends on next-gen luxury travel preferences insight report
11/19/2021|3:19:18 PM|PRNewswire

The Ritz-Carlton, part of Marriott Bonvoy's portfolio of 30 extraordinary hotel brands, recently released its Next-Gen Luxury Travel Preferences Insight Report, which provides timely, in-depth insights into the changing preferences of the next generation of luxury travelers in China. 

The report identifies six main areas that will allow luxury hotels to improve, innovate and tailor their services for next-gen travelers. These areas are: a new focus on experiences over sightseeing, authentic local culinary experiences as selling points, high tech combined with the human factor, the rise of "bleisure" or the combination of business and leisure, the growing importance of social spaces in hotels, and the growing demand for sustainable travel.  

Over the past 18 months, business at The Ritz-Carlton hotels in Greater China has been steadily recovering, with a significant increase in the numbers of leisure travel guests, with some properties seeing a nearly 80% rise in this category. 

The Ritz-Carlton is also attracting younger guests, with the next-gen segment making up over 50% of check-ins at hotels. These guests account for 56% of occupancies at The Ritz-Carlton, Nanjing, and 55% at The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen. 

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