High-tech vs. high-touch: emerging stronger amid crossroads of two hospitality trends
10/11/2021|7:07:10 PM|PhocusWire

Amidst the many challenges faced within the travel industry, COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for hospitality to reemerge better, stronger.

As travel continues to rebuild globally, hoteliers are taking the time to reevaluate the fundamentals of how they've historically operated and strategize new ways to recoup lost revenue.

Fortunately, two areas of focus offer cause for fresh hope. The first is the speed of digitalization. The world's digitization is accelerating at a rapid rate, meaning technology that was once complementary may now be essential. Incorporating digitalization and automation into everyday practices gives hoteliers the opportunity to amplify team capabilities, so that they can focus on what's truly important - the guests.

The second area of focus is a renewed drive to prioritize the guest experience. The core of hospitality is and always will be about its people. No matter how the world of travel evolves, the nature of hospitality will always remain the same. How we nurture those relationships and guest experiences however may forever be changed.

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