How travel marketers are engaging consumers as the industry reboots
09/10/2021|2:31:02 PM|Econsultancy

International travel might be permitted again, but big challenges still remain for the travel and tourism industry. With safety rules (and the ever-changing traffic light system) still in place, levels of consumer doubt and confusion remain high, while staffing issues plague companies.

When it comes to overall barriers to travel, the survey found that the biggest include costly Covid tests and uncertainty around cancellations, as well as comfort-related reasons such as fellow passengers not following the rules, and Covid diminishing the overall experience. 

Unsurprisingly, communication is a crucial factor for engaging consumers and instilling trust in travel companies. Not only this, but communication can be a crucial differentiator in maintaining customer loyalty, too. According to Braze’s ‘Ready to Take Off’ report, 34% of global travellers say they would consider booking with another company if they didn’t get the communications they expected. 

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