Group holds international forum to boost Hainan as a travel destination
07/06/2021|5:31:51 PM| Group Group held its first International Travelers’ Forum (ITF), offering cross-broader communication and exchange opportunities to connect global travelers and tourism industry groups today. The ITF is a new initiative for industry partners to boost destination tourism, share international travel consumption trends and findings, and collaborate on the development of the industry.

In line with the strong domestic travel recovery seen in mainland China, Hainan as a popular destination for domestic Chinese and international travelers, served as the perfect location to demonstrate the support and partnership Group offers destination partners. Jointly held by the Hainan Department of Tourism and Sanya Tourism Promotion Board, the forum focused on highlighting Hainan as a high-quality tourism destination. The forum facilitated communication and exchanges among global travelers and strengthened cross-border cooperation in the tourism industry, inviting representatives from airlines, hotels, tourism companies, academic institutions and tourism bureaus, from dozens of countries and regions sharing experiences and ongoing revitalization plans. Group and Hainan Department of Tourism and Sanya Tourism Promotion Board continue to deepen cooperation, promoting Hainan as a tourist destination and cultural hub. Hainan Department of Tourism will benefit from Group’s fast-growing global network as a leading international online travel services provider, as well as enabling partners to draw from innovative content marketing capabilities.

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