China to inoculate overseas Chinese citizens, introduce travel heath certificate
03/09/2021|4:07:16 PM|GlobalTimes

China will launch a "spring sprout vaccine" program to help and secure COVID-19 vaccines for its citizens abroad, and it plans to introduce a Chinese version of a health certificate for international travel.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a Sunday press conference that this is to help achieve mutual verification of information on COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and vaccination. 

Wang said that more than 50 countries have already included Chinese nationals into their vaccination plans, and many Chinese nationals overseas are also getting vaccine jabs in other countries according to law. 

Speaking at the press conference on sidelines of the ongoing National People's Congress session, Wang also said that China is to roll out a Chinese version of a health certificate, which, while protecting personal privacy, will help achieve mutual recognition of information on COVID-19 nucleic acid testing and vaccination to allow people-to-people exchange to resume in a safe and orderly way. 

Wang said that China is a steadfast advocate of the fair distribution of global vaccines, and is providing vaccines to 69 developing countries for emergency use, and exporting vaccines to 43 countries. 

Wang said that China is also donating vaccines to peacekeepers from other countries, and is willing to work with International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to  athletes participating in Tokyo's Olympic Games.

Rejecting outside rumors that China is engaging in "vaccine diplomacy", Wang said that China opposes "vaccine nationalism", won't accept an "immunity gap" and resists any attempt to politicize vaccine cooperation. 

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