Airside gets $13M to accelerate digital travel identity tech
08/11/2020|6:41:52 PM|Phocuswire

Airside is attracted the investment backing of Bain in a Series B round of USD 13 million.

The company says the latest injection of capital will allow it to expand work on its digital identity tools for the travel industry.

It currently works with airlines, cruise lines, hotels and other sectors of the industry, building a secure and convenient digital ID technology that protects personal information and meets privacy regulations around the world.

The traveler owns and controls their data on their device. Using Airside’s products and services, individuals control their personal information with transparent consent protocols and businesses protect against fraud and ensure a duty-of-care by managing only necessary information.

Airside currently allows United States citizens and Canadian visitors to expedite and securely pass through U.S. Customs with a mobile passport app.

Instead of using paper documents, travelers can submit passport and customs declaration forms to the app to access the faster security lines in the airport.

Since the launch of Airside in 2009, more than eight million travelers have used the app.

With its biometrically enabled identity platform and decentralized architecture, users can manage their most sensitive information.

U.S.-based Airside has recently caught the attention of Amadeus Ventures, which invested an undisclosed sum earlier this year.

CEO Hans Miller says: "Digital ID is more important than ever in light of COVID-19, especially as travel companies look to drive a recovery safely by leveraging lab test results sharing, touchless biometric solutions and compliance with local public health requirements.

"A single solution that enables all of these options while maintaining traveler privacy will be key to a swift recovery."

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