China Association of Travel Services issues open letter on coronavirus outbreak - Virus Updates
01/26/2020|11:37:00 PM|ChinaTravelNews

ChinaTravelNews - Following the order by China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism to ask all national travel agencies and online travel companies to temporarily suspend group travel operation and "flight + hotel" package products immediately in face of the coronavirus outbreak, China Association of Travel Services (CATS), the country's national travel agency association, released an open letter to domestic and overseas travel suppliers and tour operators on January 26.

The national travel agency association urged Chinese travel agencies to fully understand and support "preferential terms to Chinese tourists to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pneumonia". The association looks forward to the introduction of relative refund and changes policies by the travel suppliers and tour operators to minimize Chinese tourists' financial loss, according to the open letter. 

China's travel industry is taking a hit from the coronavirus outbreak, but still actively responding by suspending domestic and foreign group travel and assisting with cancellations or deferred travel for tourists, the association said in the letter. 

Chinese airlines, hotels, tourist spots, railways, highways, restaurants and other industries have also introduced relevant measures including fully refund or exempt related fees due to reservations, changes, cancellations, and extensions, as part of the efforts to reduce tourists' loss.

Updated: On January 27, the Online Travel Service Branch of CATS followed suit to release a letter of appeal on giving preferential terms to Chinese tourists to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pneumonia. 

The appeal was jointly initiated by Chinese online travel service providers including,,,,,,, Globe Travel, LAZYPIGTRIP, Dameitravel, xiwantrip, DidaTravel, and Unique Way.