Smart travel service provider Tripscool secures 80 million yuan
11/06/2019|9:55:58 AM|ChinaTravelNews

Smart travel provider Tripscool recently received 80 million yuan in its Series A funding round. Zhongji Intellectual Property Financial Services Group as the lead investor invested 50 million yuan, while existing shareholder SPACE-ONE (China) Aerospace Technology Enterprise Group contributed 30 million yuan.

A travel brand under Zhongmei Chuangshi Wulian Technology, Tripscool develops smart itinerary planning and audio tour guide systems for attractions, leveraging big data, IoT and artificial intelligence, to provide global customers with one-stop travel services encompassing dining, accommodation, transportation, entertainment and shopping. 

Mr. Mingyu Liu, the founder of Tripscool, said big data-powered smart technology is applied to develop travel tools and booking service for travelers. 

In addition, Tripscool will continue to diversify the content and features of its audio guide service, and make them available for free in multiple languages including English, Japanese, Spanish and French.

Tripscool has over 10,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) launched on its official platform, mobile App and H5. Most of the content is about destinations in Japan, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with Africa in the pipeline. Its online offers range from group travel in destinations to activity ticketing, customized tours, self-driving itineraries, local car rental and others.

Its Chinese website called Tourscool was established at the end of 2018, and the English and Japanese sites were subsequently launched in April and July this year respectively. The cumulative online transaction volume is in excess of 100 million yuan.

Tripscool said it will expand to cover the world from its base in China n the next three to five years and continue to provide global travelers with one-stop travel services. (Translated by Elena)