TravelDaily China will present insights on China in ITB Berlin
02/13/2019|10:53:44 AM|ITB China

The world’s largest travel trade show ITB Berlin will return this year with strong participation of over 11,000 exhibitors and over 180,000 visitors. As per previous years, over 6 billion euros worth of deals are expected to be made through ITB Berlin. 

ITB Berlin 2019 will take place from Mar 6-10. TravelDaily China, a strategic partner of ITB, will be exhibiting in the trade show and will also organize various events to promote greater understanding of Chinese companies’ globalization strategy, youth travel and travel innovations. Senior executives from Ctrip, Alibaba, Fosun, China Southern Airlines, Tujia, etc. will share their insights in these conference sessions.

Mark your calendar for the following events

Mar. 6 Future Day

Theme: China’s Power and Global Ambitions

Time: 13:00-13:50

Venue: City Cube


Globalization is the new word in China as travel companies seek their fortunes abroad. With the surge in outbound travel, and a massive shift towards independent travel, it’s only natural that they follow their customers. Hear from the leading Chinese companies on how they plan to expand, the opportunities they see and the challenges each face in their quest to translate their China playbook to international markets.

13:00-13:05 Introduction by Charlie Li

13:05-13:10 Keynote presentation by Angel Zhao, President, Alibaba Global Business Group

13:10-13:15 Keynote presentation by Jim Qian, Chairman & CEO, Fosun Tourism Group

13:15-13:20 Keynote presentation by Lynn Qu, Chief Product Officer,

13:20-13:50 Panel


Angel Zhao, President, Alibaba Global Business Group

Jim Qian, Chairman & CEO, Fosun Tourism Group

Lynn Qu, Chief Product Officer,


Charlie Li, CEO TravelDaily China

Mar. 7 Future Day

Theme: How China’s Youth Travel Will Impact the International Travel Landscape?

Time: 12:00-13:00

Venue: Hall 4.1

12:00-12:20 Keynote Presentation

The emerging trend of educational travel in China

Lushu Technology has been activated in customized travel market in China for several years.  Its travel planning system has successfully covered over 3000 travel-related companies. The accumulating data from Lushu has revealed that educational travel has become an important theme in youth travel products. During the speech, Sophie Lu, co-founder and CMO of Lushu, will share several key trends of educational travel in China, and will introduce the business opportunities associated with this emerging sector.


Sophie Lu, Co-Founder&CMO, Lushu Technology

12:20-13:00 Panel 

How China’s Youth Travel Will Impact the International Travel Landscape?


Hear from China’s leading airline, hotel, OTA and customized tour operator on how youth travel is impacting the international travel landscape.

The topics to be covered include,

•  How the travel behavior of Chinese millennials has been changing with the technology evolution in terms of travel inspiration, planning and booking

•  How new media platforms like WeChat, UGCs, live video streaming impact the travel behaviors of Chinese millennials

•  How travel companies will satisfy these changing demands in terms of product development and brand communication, etc.


Warren Wang, CFO, TUJIA

Roland Elter, Chief Commercial Officer, Maritim Hotels

Glen Fu, Co-founder & CEO, 54traveler

David Chapman, Director General of the World Youth, Student and Education Travel Confederation


Joseph Wang, Chief Commercial Officer, TravelDaily China

Mar. 8 eTravel World

Theme: China Travel Innovation and Investment

Time: 10:30-11:30 

Venue: Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

10:30-10:50 Keynote

The trend of China eTravel and the opportunity of overseas resource 

The eTravel in China has evolved dramatically over past ten years and entered a new phase of development. This speech tries to elaborate on the status quo and the trend in the market, and unravel the new ways of adventure of overseas resource to who is interested in getting a pie.


Eric Zhuang, Vice President, DidaTravel    

10:50-11:30 Panel

How Start-ups and Travel Innovations Are Redefining the Chinese Market


China is the largest source market for global travel and tourism industry, and technological innovations are redefining the way travel products are distributed and purchased. How can international travel brands make the most of the latest technologies and digital ecosystems in order to grow their businesses and better serve Chinese travelers?


Margaret Feng, Head of Oasis Lab, Ctrip

Jay You, Partner, Yuantai Investment Partners Evergreen Fund

Wei Xia, VP of Product & Strategy, DerbySoft

Hillary Wang, Director of Global Sourcing, Haoqiao International


Joseph Wang, Chief Commercial Officer, TravelDaily China