Women taking the lead on hotel websites
09/13/2017|3:39:51 PM|Tnooz

Women dominate hotel search on digital platforms, though men are more likely to convert when they visit according to a booking trends report.

The Net Affinity study, which looks at data from 12.8 million hotel website sessions, including digital transactions and booking patterns.

The report finds that an overwhelming majority of hotel booking site visitors are women.The ratio of female to male visitors is 2:1, with 69% female and 31% male.

More women book than men overall, but the report says this figure is skewed by the significantly larger share of women visiting sites. Men covert 1.5 times more often on their visits than women, though they contribute less revenue and fewer transactions overall.

Women are three times more likely than men to be browsing on handheld mobile devices, and two times more likely than men to browse on desktop and tablet devices.

Women are also somewhat more likely to convert on mobile devices. While men convert 1.5 times more often overall, that figure drops to only 1.25 times more often on mobile devices.

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