American Airlines to pay incentives for segments booked via NDC connections
06/26/2017|1:33:50 PM|Tnooz

American Airlines is rolling out an incentive program to encourage agents to adopt NDC connections with the carrier.

American will pay agencies $2 for every AA-marketed segment processed through an NDC connection.

What is particularly notable about the program is its user-friendly approach. There are no volume commitments or deadlines to be met.

Cory Garner, vice president of sales and distribution strategy, said agencies that implement the connection by the end of 2018 will be guaranteed the benefits of the incentive program until 2020.

It also will provide access to American’s unique content and ancillary products, such as corporate bundles of services, including those designed for C-suite occupants, and self-service waivers and favors.

Garner said American is in the process of integrating Concur, which would bring 70% to 80% of American’s corporate accounts into the NDC fold, as well HRG and Frosch Travel.

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