Air Asia's X-affair revelation in a hotel room
04/18/2007|3:25:00 PM|Travelmole
17 April, 2007´╝ÜKUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian aviation tycoon Tony Fernandes will unveil further details of his new no-frills long-haul airline, Air Asia X in Kuala Lumpur next Monday.

The venture - a tie-up between Air Asia and Fly Asian Express (FAX) was due to launch in July and fly to destinations in India, China and Europe, but lack of suitable aircraft delayed the announcement of schedules.

FAX is a small airline covering remote routes in Malaysia.

Air Asia X has invited international and local media to KL´s Mandarin Oriental hotel next Monday afternoon to hear what Air Asia media relations executive Janet Leow calls "exciting news".

"Since the first announcement in January this year on the medium/long haul low cost service, we know many are waiting in much anticipation of its progress and yes, we have some updates for you," she said.

Fernandes, director of FAX, who is also the group CEO of AirAsia, will be present at the media event, together with YM Raja Mohd Azmi Raja Razali, CEO of FAX. Minister of Transport of Malaysia, YB Dato´ Seri Chan Kong Choy, will also be present.

The new airline aims to carry half a million passengers in its first year.

Air Asia X will also link up with other low-cost carriers to boost its connectivity and flights network.

Media reports in January suggested Air Asia X was hoping to form alliances with UK no-frills carrier Easyjet and Richard Branson´s airline Virgin, but at the time the two companies denied the reports.

Fernandes said previously that Air Asia X flights to London would be priced from US$80 to US$450.

Air Asia, which started with two planes, now has a fleet of 50 aircraft and flies to destinations in South East Asia and China.

The airline also plans to significantly increase its own fleet of aircraft. It has ordered 100 A320 planes from Airbus and could now double that order, deputy chief executive Kamarudin Meranun said.