Emirates and Dnata to turbocharge their enterprise tech strategy
10/21/2015|4:44:19 PM|Tnooz

Emirates Airline and its sister company Dnata, an air services provider, said today they are launching a plan to transform themselves into “the leading customer-centric, technology-enabled travel experience enterprises.”

In a statement, parent company Emirates Group said it will do an enterprise-wide review of how data can be put at the heart of business processes, such as with the adoption of real-time analytics. Changes will be made everywhere, from airline ticket booking to flight operations to the back-office.

All the buzzwords of big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and crowd sourcing were name-checked by the group’s CEO in the statement.

The company is on a search to hire a leader to oversee the enterprise-wide transformation.

The operational challenge is daunting. Dnata’s 27,000 employees uplift meals, service aircraft, move cargo, handle baggage, and help with passenger service. Its revenue grew 36% to about $2.8 billion last year.

Emirates has an additional 48,000 employees and also has been growing rapidly.

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