Can Qatar Airways’ new plane turn Doha Airport into a global hub?
12/25/2014|11:05:18 AM|Skift

During the reveal of the new Qatar A350XWB in Toulouse, Airbus’ Dr. Kiran Rao, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Marketing highlighted that adding this aircraft to its fleet helps Qatar position itself as global axis hub, out of its new Hamad International Airport in Doha.

“Qatar Airways,” said Dr. Rao, “[is] geographically ideally suited to cover the entire world. With only one stop, most passengers can get to anywhere in the world through the Qatar hub that has been created for the A350, and for the A380, [combined with] the A330s and A320s that they have in service at the moment.”

Skift spoke with airline industry analyst Dr. Addison Schonland, Parter at aviation consultancy AirInsight, at the launch event in Toulouse on December 22, who shared insights on the feasibility of this plan.

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