Online bookings soar as UAE hotels profits surge
07/10/2013|10:47:12 AM|

While Dubai hotels posted 30.9 per cent growth in gross operating profit per available room (GOPPAR), a 14.7 percentage point surge in occupancy boosted it by 31.6 per cent in Abu Dhabi, the latest HotStats survey reveals.

Hotel revenue per available room (RevPAR) in Dubai was boosted by a 6.6 percentage point growth in occupancy to 83.9 per cent and 8.5 per cent growth in average room rates (ARR) to $282.72. Consequently, total revenue per available room (TrevPAR) grew 14.9 per cent to $439.51, boosting GOPPAR up 30.9 per cent to $192.73, said the survey report by TRI Hospitality Consulting Middle East covering full service four and five star hotels.

Hotels in Abu Dhabi saw continuing decline in ARR which fell 8.3 per cent to $124.68 in May, however, RevPAR grew 15.1 per cent percent, driven by an impressive 14.7 percentage point surge in occupancy to 72.1 per cent. Supported by the growth in room revenue, TrevPAR increased 12.2 per cent, driving GOPPAR up 31.6 per cent on last year to $61.37.

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