Why is average flight capacity increasing at fastest rate ever?
04/02/2024|5:23:39 PM|OAG

We are back to 2019 levels of airline capacity, but the number of scheduled flights remains 5% below previous levels, this means the average capacity per flight is increasing at a faster rate than we have ever seen before.

Various factors are contributing to this significant change, including aircraft availability, resources, reductions in regional jet flying, the rise in low-cost airline market share, and the whole issue of aircraft spare parts. 

So, interesting data, but what does it all mean? Well, on a lot of occasions it’s certainly likely to be a bit cosier than perhaps four years ago, and the check-in and boarding queues may feel a few yards longer. However, with the increased use of next generation aircraft with improved fuel efficiency, plus a reduction in the number of flights operating, this has to be good move for the environment.

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