China outbound: There’s never been a better time to travel from China
02/06/2024|12:22:34 PM|OAG

Globally, capacity is back to pre-pandemic levels.  Although slightly below 2019 levels in January, capacity in Q1 is expected to increase by 10.2% versus last year which is up 2.1% versus 2019.  Nevertheless, this rebound belies variation across and within regions.

Across Asia all regions have reached and exceeded 2019 capacity, with the exception of South-East Asia.  North-East Asian and European markets travelling to/from South-East Asia have not yet fully recovered. International capacity in China has taken longer than many other markets to recover, including its own domestic travel market which has grown by 17% versus January 2019.

Steady growth and recovery is expected in Asia’s China tourism markets; however, the South-East Asian tourist destinations will need to work hard to differentiate their offer in the face of strong competition.

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