South Korea sees more individual or small-group Chinese visitors
02/02/2024|11:12:49 AM|KoreaHerald

The political situation between China and Korea led to a steady increase in the number of Chinese group tours, and many Chinese people visit Korea individually or in small groups, according to Jin Jong-hwa, the regional executive director of KTO's China office. 

Jin said that the increasing number of individual travelers brought an interesting change to the Chinese travel trend. 

“Instead of shopping, the young travelers focus on personal experiences and seek to find what they can enjoy during their visit to Korea, including hip cafes in Seongsu-dong, the mecca of hipness in Seoul. Their focus is on things that are Instagrammable,” he said.

The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea last year exceeded 11 million, reaching 63% of the pre-COVID level. China emerged as the second largest source with 2.02 million Chinese visitors. 

In a bid to attract more visitors, South Korea has decided to prolong the visa fee exemption initiative for Chinese group travelers, extending it until the end of 2024. Initially implemented in September, the existing program, waiving the standard $15 fee for these travelers.